About 2 Stripes CPD

About 2 Stripes CPD

What is 2 Stripes CPD?

This site is a place for me to talk about anything, but mostly college football.

Who runs 2 Stripes CPD and why is it named that?

My name is Colton Denning, and I'm just a regular ass dude whose favorite sport is college football. I called the site '2 Stripes' because I host 'The Two Stripes Podcast," and my initials are CPD. Creative! I was born in Boulder, Colorado –I live in The Bay now– and I root for Ohio State and Colorado.

Professionally, I produced radio broadcasts for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche for three seasons (2014-2017) and I ran the official Oakland Athletics Twitter and YouTube accounts for three seasons (2018-2020). I got out of sports after that, and I've recently worked in tech and do freelance work. In my free time, I run my personal YouTube channel with over 6,000 subscribers, where I cut new and throwback college football highlights.

I have severe food allergies, so cooking, food allergy advocacy, and supporting small businesses who cater to and support the food allergy community is a big part of my life. I like to cook, read, play video games, and I'm a huge wrestling fan. I also tweet a lot, and you can follow me @Dubsco.