2StripesCPD Digital, Vol. 6

Change is inevitable in college football, especially when it comes to broadcasting.

2StripesCPD Digital, Vol. 6

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It's been a minute, but welcome to volume six of 2StripesCPD Digital! We're officially less than 100 days away from the start of the season, and there's a lot to discuss around the college football landscape this week!

2StripesCPD Digital, Vol. 6

2StripesCPD on the radio

It's been a long time since my voice has been on the airwaves, but last week I had the opportunity to join my buddy (and 2StripesCPD subscriber) Gabe Kuhn's radio show on 92.9 ESPN in Memphis. We chopped it up for a good twenty-plus minutes about 2StripesCPD, the state of college football, Reggie Bush getting his Heisman back, people's reactions to everything Deion Sanders does at Colorado, and more. Gabe is the best at what he does, and you can follow him here. The segment starts at 32:43:

Also: Here's an external link to listen outside of this page.

Familiarize yourself with the different TV schedules this season

College football is in a constant state of change, right down to conferences shuffling their broadcast partners. There are some major shakeups on that front in 2024, and it'll be jarring to see some of them at first. We don't have the full slate of early-season kickoff times yet, but here are the biggest announcements so far:

  • The SEC's legendary partnership with CBS is over (for the moment). The league's fabled 3:30 PM (ET) slot is now on ABC, and it's gonna take some time getting used to not hearing this at the start of every 3:30 SEC broadcast. Here's what ABC has lined up as of now:
  • Meanwhile, that legendary music we always associated with the SEC heads to the Big Ten, full-time. CBS broadcast a few Big Ten games last year, but will now showcase the conference each week in the 3:30 timeslot. They're diving headfirst into the first full season of the contract, headlined by USC at Michigan on September 21, plus the first Big Ten Championship not broadcast by FOX for the first time in conference history:
  • In less fortunate news, Fox's Big Noon Saturday is once again gobbling up three marquee games that have no business kicking off the day:
Via Fox
  • I thought The CW Network did a pretty decent job in the games they broadcast last season, so I'm interested in how they build on that in year two. They're holding it down for what's left of the PAC-12, with 11 Oregon State/Washington State games:
Via John Canzano on Twitter
  • We'll find out more about the early season schedule, plus bowl game info in the next few weeks, per FBSchedules:

2StripesCPD Player of the Day Cards

If you follow me/the site on social, you know that I've been creating and dropping throwback cards every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. These cards showcase some of my favorite players in college football history, and I pair them with a highlight video of said player. For example, here's yesterday's of former East Carolina QB Jeff Blake:

To try and connect this series with the website, I have a trivia question on the back of each card that I'll be posting the answer to in this column each week. Here's this week's question and answer.