Head Coach Hot Seat Rankings: Post-Week Two

Setting my air fryer to "Jeff Hafley Mode"

Head Coach Hot Seat Rankings: Post-Week Two

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Before I start: The biggest news pertaining to head coaching in college football right now is the sexual harassment allegations against Michigan State Head Coach Mel Tucker. As of the time I'm writing this, Tucker is suspended by the university, and the situation is still developing. Due to the serious nature of the allegations, it's not appropriate for me to discuss his job status within the tone this article takes each week. There are things more important than football at play here, and I want to respect that as best I can. -Colton

Head Coach Hot Seat Rankings


T-1. Jeff Hafley (Boston College)

Congratulations to Jeff Hafley for simultaneously proving that your seat can get hotter even after a win, plus the result of another game that has nothing to do with you. Boston College barely beat Holy Cross, 31-28 –which is bad enough on its own– and their week one loss to Northern Illinois looks even worse after what the Huskies did on Saturday:

Hafley's defense gave up 7.3 yards per play to Holy Cross, and they looked destined to lose on a game-winning touchdown drive with just over a minute left before Crusaders quarterback Matt Sluka bailed them out with a brutal turnover:

I'll give Hafley credit for this: 2022 Boston College was an all-time bad vibes team, and I don't get the same sense with this one through two games. Nothing went their way last season, and almost everyone outside of Zay Flowers looked checked out when things went wrong. The problem with 2023 Boston College is that they're just a bad football team, but they at least seem bought in to what Hafley's selling. We'll see just how bought in they are if/when things get ugly this week:

T-1. Butch Jones (Arkansas State)

Through two games, Arkansas State's been outscored 110-3, outgained 1031-438, and had their head coach question their effort. I'll give Butch Jones a pass for one of those games being at Oklahoma, but Saturday's 37-3 home loss to Memphis was ugly, and its ending perfectly encapsulated Jones' tenure in Jonesboro so far: