Uniform of the Day: Bo Pelini gives us all nightmare fuel

I'm sorry in advance for making you look at these.

Uniform of the Day: Bo Pelini gives us all nightmare fuel

Welcome to 'Uniform of the Day,' where I post about a random uniform in college football history!

I've talked at length about the crimes Adidas has committed over the years, but today's post might take the cake. These uniforms were so bad that I actually repressed them from my memory. I was working on a post about another uniform and dug these up, so now you have to look at them, too. Feast your eyes on Nebraska's 2014 'Red Rising' set:

The 'Red Rising' theme was a celebration of 125 years of Nebraska football, and these were only worn once - in a 45-14 home win over Illinois. Other than being one of the most horrific uniforms of the last 20 years, these are most widely remembered for then-Huskers Head Coach Bo Pelini being the one who debuted them:


I don't have much else to say here other than I can't believe these were approved by any semi-functioning adult. Chrome numbers? Gigantic 'N' on the side of the pants? It's all terrifying, and I beg your forgiveness for even posting about them: