Throwback Player of the Week: Garrett Wolfe

Ahead of his time.

Throwback Player of the Week: Garrett Wolfe

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Of the top 20 rushers in FBS history, an exclusive club of dudes™ exists who put their numbers up in just three seasons:

  • Jonathan Taylor (6th all-time)
  • Herschel Walker (17th)
  • Garrett Wolfe (18th)

Taylor's a household name because he played at Wisconsin recently, and now he's a star in the NFL. Walker's one of the most legendary college football players ever, and is relevant today because he just hilariously lost an election in his home state. But what about Garrett Wolfe?

Unless you're a college football diehard, or you root for Northern Illinois or a MAC/Big Ten team who played against him, you probably don't know about Wolfe's legendary career at NIU. We're changing that right now, because he was one of the most exciting players in CFB history and deserves to be remembered as such.