Uniform of the Day: Oregon State goes full sports bra

How did we make it through this era?

Uniform of the Day: Oregon State goes full sports bra
Via Oregon State Football

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Last week, I wrote about the catastrophic damage Nike did to Colorado's uniforms in 2006. It feels necessary to take it a step further today and consider that their work on Oregon State in 2007 may be the worst thing the company's ever done from a uniform standpoint. Yes, even worse than these! (Maybe)

Who at Nike/Oregon State thought these were a good idea? The sports bra top? The side piping that goes all the way from the hip to around the shoulders? Upon further investigation, not only did all participants think they were sick, but the process of creating and approving them only took 5 months:

They were made specifically for OSU –meaning they weren't a template– which somehow makes them even worse. The 2000s were a lawless era when it came to uniform piping, but these set a new low, even adjusting for the time period. On the bright side, they at least have a lasting legacy:

1) They're called "the sports bras"

2) They gave us arguably the worst uniform matchup of all-time:

The funniest part of it all is Nike and Oregon State had no clue these would garner such a negative response. How do I know that? Because they scrapped the look after just one season. (Partially). The pants stayed the same, but the jerseys reverted to a look so simple that it screamed of Oregon State telling Nike, "Please just send us the easiest thing you can do before next year":

That's how you know you fucked up a uniform design.