Week Zero Preview Podcast + NCAA 08 on PS2 sim

Talking about week zero, why I'm excited for this season, and simulating Nebraska-Illinois on the PS2.

Week Zero Preview Podcast + NCAA 08 on PS2 sim
Return of The King

First: Thank you for subscribing to the website/visiting. My dumb ass didn't realize how complex using the Ghost platform can be style-wise, so bear with me as I try to figure out how to format everything. Is it bad that I signed up for a site that relies on coding and I know nothing about coding? GUESS WE'LL SEE. This is a rough idea of what to expect this season:

  • A weekly recap post that goes over the important stuff that happened each Saturday with accompanying links/videos/etc.
  • For Ohio State fans: preview and recap podcasts for every Ohio State game - basically what I was doing at Land-Grant Holyland from 2016-2019. These will live in the Two Stripes Podcast feed, so subscribe there or on Apple.
  • A weekly Two Stripes Podcast preview for everything else going on in CFB.
  • Random columns, similar to what I did with I Got 5 on it.

If you're a subscriber: I promise I won't blow up your email. I'm aiming for 3 at most per week, so not everything I put up on this site will be sent to you. I'm looking to make this as fun as possible, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

Week Zero Preview Podcast

No, there aren't any big games this week, but that isn't stopping me from talking about Nebraska-Illinois like it's Alabama-Georgia. When it comes to off-field storylines, there might not be a more intriguing week 0/week 1 game. No, really! There's a lot ($) going on in Lincoln right now, Scott Frost just gave an all-time icy season opening press conference yesterday with local media, and Brett Bielema's finally back to his rightful place on a Big Ten sideline. I spent most of the podcast talking about that, why I'm as excited for this season as any I can remember, being pumped about seeing San Jose State in person, charitable pledges I'm making this season, and more. Listen below: (Or find it on Apple and Spotify)

The Two Stripes Podcast · We're back, baby (Week 0 Preview) (8/24/21)

Nebraska-Illinois NCAA 08 Simulation

Finally: I wasted far too many hours this offseason updating NCAA 08 rosters on PS2 so I could simulate every big game of the season. We're starting off with the by-default Nebraska-Illinois game, since there was no way I was putting the work in for UCONN-Fresno State. In the words of a very dumb man: I'm quite pleased with the results.

That's it for this week. Let me know if you have any suggestions to make the site better, and most importantly: Thank you for reading.